We have been innovating and investing in food service, beverage and retail for years, having the good fortune of helping to grow startups into businesses that now span the globe. But the truth is that we’re just getting started. We created BIG Retail to reimagine food service and retail experiences for our clients and our investment partners. We are committed to transforming your retail, digital, and social experiences into the human expression of your brand.


We are all witnesses to today’s massive shift in retail and we are excited for the opportunities it presents. Ecommerce makes life better for consumers everywhere, but more difficult for retailers that neglect the customer experience. Invention overwhelms inertia as new technologies and global cultural forces disrupt old retail. Change creates opportunities, opening doors for businesses with fresh, authentic experiences that engage consumers’ senses.


We truly believe there is no better time than now to be in food service, beverage and retail. We are a team of forward-thinking designers, strategists, and business operators focused on delivering exactly the kind of innovation that will help you invest successfully in this new golden age of retail.


Business Strategy

Whether you are starting at the foundation, evolving in a new direction, or translating your digital business into a physical experience, it all starts with the business plan, understanding your customer, financial assumptions and operational requirements designed to meet your investment demands. Our team has decades of experience developing retail business plans so your concept can thrive.

- Location-based marketing campaigns

- Finance and business modeling

- Store model development and key
   metric benchmarking

- Menu development and pricing

- Investment planning and support

- Accounting and financial operations



Brand strategy is how you compete and our brand tools are designed to help you develop inspiring, differentiated competitive strategies customized for your unique business needs.

- Consumer Insights, purchase journey
   analysis, and segmentation

- Pricing analytics and pricing strategy

- Real estate site analytics, site
   selection, and site acquisition

Store Development

Once the business plan, brand positioning and operational requirements are established, we unleash design innovation to illuminate possibilities and make sure you make profitable unit level location decisions. We manage all aspects of design development process with our design partners, and we are also happy to integrate your existing design resources into our development process. We also provide sophisticated model and forecasting tools.


Our design ecosystem includes experts in a broad array of disciplines including retail, kitchen design, brand, product, packaging, and digital.


We manage creative projects all the way through to construction or commercialization, ensuring that your vision is executed flawlessly for a beautifully integrated brand experience.

- Retail environment design

- Graphic design

- Brand identity

- Design development

- Visual merchandising

- Merchandising planning

- In-store communications

- Point of purchase and point of sale

- Web & ecommerce integration

Systems Development

Our team provides operations design, systems implementation and change management support to organizations of
all sizes to help them build new systems, evaluate existing systems and prepare for store growth because more often than not, your BIG idea can be implemented from inside with the right resources and plan.


Our team supports existing food service
and retail operations with several services designed to elevate your performance beyond the competition.



- Operations assessment and strategy

- Training systems and tools development

- Food Service and Retail operations
   process improvement

- Human Resources support, admin and

- Supply chain integration

- Ecommerce operational and systems

- IT and POS integration

- Social media integration

Store Operations

In today’s dynamic marketplace and more complicated employee environment , operational excellence and brand stewardship at every level have never
been more important and challenging. Operational training of frontline retail employees, back of house food service
and corporate support personnel are essential for a cohesive brand experience.



- Organizational modeling and
   implementation support

- Business alignment and communications

- Development of job profiles,
   requirements and compensation

- Hiring support

- Development of best in class training

- Quarterly business review and annual
   strategic planning management



Inside View

In addition to leading brand development for our clients, we are also entrepreneurs and owners of our own brands. In fact, we invest behind our projects and support the financing of great brands where there is opportunity and alignment.

Dave Barrows Principal

Dave started and managed some of the world’s top consumer brands, including Apple, Nestle, PepsiCo/Taco Bell, and Mattel. He brings broad and varied experience within the food service, retail, and technology industries.

Advisory Board

Scott Bedbury Brand Advisor

Bedbury was the senior marketing executive who was instrumental in building both the Starbucks and Nike brands from modest beginnings to the global powerhouses they are today.  He has provided early stage brand development support to some of the best known brands in the world in technology, retail and food service. In addition to Scott’s advisory consulting, he is a speaker and best-selling author of A New Brand World; 8 Principles for Achieving Brand Leadership in the 21st Century.

James McGehee Finance and Administration Advisor

James helps food service and retail businesses prepare
for investment. He served as the CFO for a variety of food service hospitality businesses helping to build key functions across strategic planning, financial controls, cash flow management, accounting processes, financial analysis,and insurance and payroll systems. His strengths lie in integrating systems, streamlining operations and eliminating wasteful overhead.

Kelly Mullarney Culinary Advisor

Chef Kelly is a graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in NY, and as a young Chef, diligently worked throughout the industry and elevated his education and global understanding through travel.  Eventually landing

in LA, he worked and became partner with University Restaurant Group (King’s Seafood Company today), where Kelly, with his innovative thinking, helped the company develop and open several high profile restaurants, including Water Grill in downtown LA, and earn the honor

of "Restaurateurs of the Year".

George Murphy Brand Advisor

In addition to BIG Retail, George is founder and principal  of MODO group
and has also held executive roles leading brand development at
The Coca-Cola Company and Starbucks.


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